Do Job Recruiters Really Find You a Job?

Do Job Recruiters really find you a job? To be honest their job is not for them to find you a job it’s more they are looking for people like you to fill positions. In other words they work for the businesses who need people to fill their job vacancies.
In the beginning when I started out in the corporate world I tried using Job Recruiters. Many so called Interviews but nothing really came out of it. I guess it was my lack of experience which prevented me from getting a Job Recruiter interested in me so I had to do it the hard way and contacted Temp Agencies which allowed me to get my foot into the door. 
After that first exposure with Job Recruiters I kind of waved them off and considered them a waste of time since they never did help me find a job. 
It was not until I gained more experience in my field of work that I began getting contacted by Job Recruiters. It does help to constantly put your Resume out there even if you have a job. Only because it makes sense to leave the back door o…

How To Get Employed In 3 Weeks! (Step by Step)

So you want to learn how to be employed in 3 weeks? Yes, I said 3 weeks and I'm very confident that this post will help you to achieve that goal!
In this post you will learn what i did in order to get a job in 3 weeks. First let me explain that achieving this goal will be hard. You will need to have a laser focus while doing this no slacking off. In this post I will give you the real deal and not the Bull Crap you will tend to find on web. These days you have to be a Wolf and not a Sheep and if you are Sheep you will starve! You will need to be slaying Dragons in order to get Employed.
To get Employed in 3 weeks you have to be ready to put in the time and dedication to make this happen. You don't have any time to spare, even if you are collecting unemployment you still have to get out there and find work or at least learn some new skills. Your mind has to be on that goal of getting Employed and to keep those Bill Collectors at bay. This is only a temporary thing you are going th…

What Are The 4 Clues on How To Stop Wasting Your Life

What are the 4 clues on how to stop wasting your life? The you have to look no further and begin reading below.
There was a time in the past where everything was already set up for you to follow. Average Joes and Janes never really have to put much though in pursuing goals because all they had to do was to show up. Noe as we quickly come to the future many schools still teach this to many of our children and when they become young adults to take on the world they find that the world that everyone talked about during those 12 years of school is not how life really is out here.
Many of these young people become confused as they try to use the tools that were taught to them while they were in school only to find out that many of these tools no longer work in real world of the now. 
I had to learn that myself when I was a Senior in High School. Everyone excited about finally finishing and getting out. Me I was not as happy because i knew what was out there already. a very unfriendly world wh…

Are Socialism and Communism really Bad Investments?

It seems in the US you are seeing a lot of Americans screaming and yelling on how they want Socialism or worst yet even Communism as of those two are better forms of Gov. In reality I hate to break it to those Cultural Marxists our there but neither both are good replacements for Democracy.
Hell even Democracy is flawed but out of three it’s the best pick. Socialism and Communism all promote equality and everyone will have the same things no one will be above your comrade and he will not have more than you. These ideas I have to admit are enticing to an individual who does not know fully know how socialism and communism work. Even if you don’t know all you have to do is look at Europe and really see what is going on there. Certain countries have a form of socialism. 
In this post I will talk about Socialism, only because I have visited countries with that type of Socialism. Mainly Spain is where I will take this conversation to since I  have family there. Many of my family members who l…

How do Powerful People Become Powerful These 5 Secret Principles can help you reach the 1%

We all want to be powerful like those people we see in the media. Making moves everyday and making their lives matter. They drive nice cars, live in big houses and seem to know everyone wherever they go. Then you look at the mirror and you see nothing powerful about you. 
You go to Twitter and hook with some Guru who will sell you some product that will make you the best person you ever wanted to be! All for the price of $2,000 dollars. You think about it for a bit and then get on your phone to look at your bank account. you look a the so called Guru's page and included in that $2,000 dollar product you will get a chance to hear the Guru himself in live seminars. You say "Fuck it" and plop that 2 grand on your Master Card. 
You get instant access and you start reading and reading and watching videos. You notice that there is not much they told you that you probably already know. but at least you got the "feel good" attitude for now which wears away after a few da…

Why Do You Hate Democracy

If you look around this country today it seems as if everything is being torn down and destroyed. It’s a sad sight to see only because I have a feeling that many of these people who are rioting and looting never probably been to another country and see how the people are living.
My Facebook feed is full of people hating on Democracy and Capitalism and screaming for change a change of political ideologies. Many are preaching about Socialism and even the dreaded “C” word called Communism.
I have traveled to many countries and have seen the good and the bad in them and to be honest nothing is better than Democracy hands down. Believe me! Where else can you go and protest, speak your mind whether it’s positive or negative and not have a “Hit Squad” come to your house late at and beat your ass. 
Imagine this rioting or looting happening in another country? I can guarantee that many would have been killed or thrown in some work camp forever. 
Yes I understand that Democracy has its faults but i…

5 Reasons Why Defunding the Police is a Really Dumb Idea

Recently many people are shouting and chanting "Defund the Police". I see that phrase and my mind imagines streets full of Thieves, Robbers and Rapists running rampart through the streets looking for victims. Then I snap myself back and think "Nah" they cant mean actually to get rid of the Police? If that is what they want to do I have to say that its really a fucking stupid idea! I mean do you even have a plan on how to take over if the Police are actually abolished? Who is going to do their job? Is there going to be a salary because most people will not risk their lives for free and not only that they have financial obligations to take care of. Policing is a 24 hour job so your dumb ass can feel somewhat safe that when you get in trouble someone shows up or is in the vicinity to help. 
I'm starting to think that many people are acting on their emotions when it comes to the police. Yes, i understand about police brutality being real. I have seen it many times g…